Regulation 2015


1 - Description of events

Grand Raid Golfe du Morbihan:

This 177 km long Trail is a one stage, free-style foot race open to runners and walkers. Competitors are required to be semi self-sufficient food wise and will need to take care of their own dietary needs. Maximum completion time for the race is set at 42 hours (including all breaks) and subject to having clocked in within the required time limits at check points (§ 3 Time limits). The race includes a crossing by boat from Locmariaquer to Port Navalo.The time taken waiting to board the boat and the time taken for the crossing will be deducted from competitors’ timings.

The Grand Raid starts at the esplanade at Vannes harbour on Friday, 26th June 2015 at 5pm. The race is limited to 850 participants.

 Raid Golfe du Morbihan:

A 87 km foot race undertaken in one go under 18 hours (including all breaks) and subject to having clocked in within the required time limits at various check points (§ 3 Time limits). The Raid starts at Arzon (Port du Crouesty) on friday, 26th June 2015 at 12.00am and encompasses the same trails as the second half of the Grand Raid. This race is limited to 1,100 participants.

 Trail Golfe du Morbihan:

A 56 km foot race to be completed within 12 hours (including all breaks) and subject to having clocked in within the required time limits at various check points (§ 3 Time limits). The Trail  begins in SARZEAU town centre on Saturday, 27th June 2015 at 4pm and encompasses the same trails as the Grand Raid & Raid races. This Trail is part of the TTN 2015 course tackled by FFA athletes. The race is limited to 1,300 participants.

La Ronde des Douaniers golfe du Morbihan:

A 36 km foot race to be completed within 6 hours (including all breaks) and subject to having clocked in within the required time limits at various check points (§ 3 Time limits). The Ronde des Douaniers starts in Séné on Saturday 27th June 2015 at 10.00am and encompasses the final section of the course used for all the other Trails.This race is limited to 900 participants.

Marche Nordique Golfe du Morbihan:

A 29 km long Nordic walking Race to be completed within 6 hours (including all breaks) and subject to having clocked in within the required time limits at various check points (§ 3 Time limits). The Nordic Walk starts in Arradon on Saturday, 27th June 2015 at 13.00 pm.This race is limited to 850 participants

FFA regulations will be applied to this race. No running allowed; compulsory use of 2 sticks.

All competitors must always move to different positions and pointing at check points before closing time (§ 3 Barriers hours)

The finish line for all races is located on the esplanade at Vannes harbour.

2 – General terms/conditions:

All five races are open to all individuals over the age of 20 on the day of the race, whether they are FFA licence holders or not.

All participants agree to respect our rules and our conditions when they register for a race.

The organisers accept no responsibility whatsoever for any incidents or accidents that may occur before, during or after any Trail/Nordic walk as a result of any breach of our rules.

3 - Time limits

Competitors are required to clock in at the following check points within the time limits indicated:




Friday 26th june 2015


Clocking in point Le Bono Locmariaquer (Departure by boat) Port-Navalo (Arrival by boat) Sarzeau Noyalo Séné Finish Line Vannes
Distance covered

55 km

88 km 89.5 km 119,5 km 139 km

158 km

177 km

Time accumulated 11h 19h 21h 27h 32h 37h 42h
Cut Off time Sat 4am Sat 12am Sat 2pm

Sat 8pm

Sun 1am

Sun 6am

Sun 11am


RAID 87km


Friday 26th june 2015


Clocking in point     Port du Crouesty (Start) Sarzeau Noyalo Séné Finish Line Vannes
Distance covered       32 km 52 km 70 km 87 km
Time accumulated       6h 10h 14h30 18h
Cut Off time       Fri 6pm Fri 10pm

Sat 2.30am

Sat 6am


TRAIL 56km


Saturday 27th june 2015


Clocking in point       Sarzeau (Start) Noyalo Séné Finish Line Vannes
Distance covered           38 km 56 km
Time accumulated           8h 12h
Cut Off time           Sat 12pm

Sun 4am



Start SENE

Saturday 27th June 2015


Clocking in point           Séné (Start) Finish Line Vannes
Distance covered             36 km
Time accumulated             6h
Cut Off time             Sat 4pm




Saturday 27th june 2015


Clocking in point           Arradon (Start) Finish Line Vannes
Distance covered             28  km
Time accumulated             6h
Cut Off time            

Sat 7pm

Distances given are an indication only and may change if there are any amendments to the final races.

Departure times are subject to change.

4 – Conditions of admission for participants:

a - Dates:

- Open for registration: 22 November 2014 – Closing date: 31st May 2015 (see § b below)

b – Registration process:

Online registration through our site only:

Payment by card only (secure site)

You must have a valid medical certificate (dated within a year of the date of the event) or a current FFA licence scanned and ready to attach to your application when registering online.

During the registration process, you will be required to attach your medical certificate or 2014/2015 FFA licence

(See § f –Cancellation / Refund: no medical certificate or copy of FFA licence provided within time limit)

Note: should online payment fail, you must re-register.

Your registration is personal and linked to your account. If you are unable to run you cannot give or sell your race number to anyone else.

If you have participated in an event in 2012, 2013 or 2014:

- Open directly in your account under "My Account" on the website of Ultra Marin

- Enter your email address and password

- Check your personal information: address, mobile number, email

- Choose your event in 2015

If you do not have an account yet:

- Open Registration Site tab, and then the Register page and click Register at the bottom of the page.

- In step 1, create your account by entering your personal data and then follow the steps of the registration process. (Mail confirmation to keep)

c – Medical Certificates

Provision of a medical certificate is compulsory for all competitors in races outside a stadium environment.

No registration will be valid without either a medical certificate or current licence. Out of date or forged documents will also render registration null and void.

Pursuant to safety regulations under articles L231-2 and L231-3 of the French Sports Code competitors must be:

either holders of an Athlé Compétition licence or an Athlé Santé Loisir (running) licence provided by the FFA (*)

- or holders of a Running Pass by the FFA (*)

- or holders of a valid seasonal licence by FSCF, FCGT or UFOLEP with ‘Athletics’ specifically mentioned (medical authorisation attached to licence on adhesive label…) (*)

(*): Photocopy of required documents (valid for current year) must be produced.

Competitors must also:

à provide a signed medical certificate dated less than a year from the date of the race with the following statement: « medically fit to participate in competitive running events » or a medical certificate from an event of the same type containing the same statement as the above.

These documents will be kept by the event organisers.

d – Entry fees per competitor:

Entry Fees

From 22th Nov 2014 to 15th Dec 2014

From 16th Dec 2014 to 28th Feb 2015

From 1st March to 31st May 2015

Grand Raid 177km

81 €

85 €

93 €

Raid 87km

47 €

50 €

61 €

Trail 56km

36 €

38 €

49 €

La Ronde des Douaniers

29 €

32 €

41 €

Marche  Nordique

26  €

27  €

35  €


f - Cancellations / Refunds:

To avoid any dispute, requests to cancel, backed by a medical certificate, must be received before 31st May 2015.

IMPORTANT: Once this time limit has expired no cancellation requests will be taken into consideration.

We highly recommend that you take out cancellation insurance with a specialised company as you are not covered in our registration processes against this risk.

If you cancel registration:

Before 28th Feb 2015: 70% of the registration fee will be refunded.

Before 31st May 2015: 60% of registration fee will be refunded.

Beyond this date no request for reimbursement will be honoured. Refunds are processed a maximum of 2 months after the event.

Note: If we don't received your medical certificate or photocopy of your licence your application will be cancelled with no refund of any kind.

5 – Road books:

Road books are sent by mail two weeks before the start date of the event concerned at the latest to competitors who have requested the same during the registration process (cost 4.50 € each). They contain a map of the race route and important info such as time limits, refreshments, site plans and recommendations for support crews to best follow their chosen runner. A detailed programme for each day is also included.

6 – Shuttle buses:

Competitors confirming their shuttle bus seats during the registration process will be provided with this service by the organisers (extra cost: 5 € on our website until 31st May 2015, then 7 € on the village). Personal vehicles can be parked in Vannes (the arrival point for all races). Shuttle buses will leave Vannes and take competitors to the start location for their particular event:

Raid (87 km): Friday, 26th June am to ARZON - Port du Crouesty

Ronde des douaniers: Saturday, 27th June am to SENE,

Trail (56 km): Saturday, 27th June early afternoon to SARZEAU,

Nordic Walk: Saturday, 28th June am to ARRADON

Exact departure times will be announced later

7 – Categories of participants 2015:




V 1

V 2

V 3

V 4

1993 - 1995

1976 - 1992

1966 - 1975

1956 - 1965

1946 - 1955

1945 and earlier


8 – Running numbers:

- Allocation of running numbers:

* Vannes, Thursday 25th, Friday 26th, Saturday 27th June 2015. Exact times will be announced later.

- Running numbers must be worn on the chest area and must be visible at all times regardless of other clothing and regardless of weather conditions. Competitors breaching this rule will be subject to a 1 hour penalty (see § 12). You will need to find a suitable way of making sure your number is always in place (safety pins, clips, number belt etc...)

* Every runner will need to collect his/her running number in person, a bracelet he/she must wear during the race and provide proof of identity (photo ID), sign his/her name and submit to a bag check (see § 18 ).

Running numbers cannot be given or sold to other runners under any circumstances (See § f: Cancellations / Refunds)

9 – Rankings:

Only the organisation’s timing is deemed as being the official benchmark. In addition to the general ranking, rankings will also be published for all the categories listed above. Timings and rankings are obtained from electronic timing chips given to competitors when receiving their running numbers. Race chips must be returned to race staff at the finish line or with the running number if dropping out. Results for competitors in the TTN 2015 will be forwarded to the FFA.

10 – Challenges:

Team rankings are subject to performances in different challenges. Teams consist of minimum five competitors performing in 5 challenges. (Trails + Nordic Walk). Points up for grabs by competitors completing their challenges within time limits given are shown below:

Grand Raid 177km

Raid 87km

Trail 56km

 Ronde des Douaniers 36km

Marche Nordique 28km

6 points

3 points

2 points

1 point

1 point

An extra bonus point per competitor will be given to teams with all team members successfully completing their events (« Finishers » )

Each competitor must register individually for their event:

  • Either during the registration process
  • Or after registering by clicking on My Account and entering the exact name used by the Company, Club or Association

The organisers will not process any registrations for the 2015 challenge.

11 – Prize ceremony:

- on podium: trophies and prizes awarded by our partners - For Finishers: a tee-shirt with the words "Finisher 2015 Ultra Marin Raid Golfe du Morbihan"– For all participants: a vintage box of cakes with "Ultra Marin Raid Golfe du Morbihan" on it –

For participants in Nordic Walking, a different lot is expected and is in negotiations with our partners. The nature of the prize will be announced later.

12 – Clocking-in

15 automatic Clocking-in are dotted throughout the running course. These are set up to monitor competitor rankings and performances in real time. The location of 5 automatic checking will not be shared. The other 10 will be shown before the race and on the road book.

Any competitor delayed by helping a third party in an emergency should request for time credit to compensate for the delay from a race official (this will need to be confirmed by the race director).

13 –Sport: health and safety

13.1 Anti-doping fight

Cheating is not permitted in the Ultra Marin Race and organisers implement AFLD doping control procedures under the guidance of the FFA when monitoring races.

The selection of monitored competitors is made by an appointed doctor and targeted individuals are not necessarily elite athletes or licence holders or non-licence holders. The doctor also decides the number of checks to be undertaken.

13.2 Action concerning health matters

The organisation has decided upon the implementation of an internal action concerning health during the events of The Ultra Marin® Raid Golfe du Morbihan®. This action has neither the aim nor competence to substitute itself in the place of the current national and international regulations in the anti-doping fight but has for its objective a strengthened medical supervision wished for by the organisation. This action is led by the organisation’s internal Medical Council, consisting of doctors, who are able to take the opinions of the experts of its choice and who will be asked to express a consultative opinion to the race Jury on the medical state of the participants.

Each runner agrees to:

  • inform the Organisation’s medical council in the case of the use of a prescription subject to a Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) via the procedure available on the personal page which every runner can freely access the International Trail Running (ITRA) web-site: This information is to be declared upon the day of registration in the case of a TUE already requested or previously obtained. If not, it must be made by the 8th day following the request for a TUE and imperatively before the start of the race.
  • agree to give any urinary and/or blood, and/or capillary samples and associated analyses requested by the Organisation’s Medical Council, with the understanding that expenses incurred for the realization of these samples and the associated analyses are the direct responsibility of the Organisation.
  • agree to answer to any summons which the Medical Council issues on the basis of the information which has been collected from them, so as to decide upon their capacity, or not, to participate in the race for which they are registered. At the conclusion of the interview, the Medical Council can propose to the race Jury, that the runner is excluded from the race.

14 - Penalties:

Organisation members and official stewards are dotted throughout the route. Their aim is to spot any breaches in the rules. All breaches will incur a penalty (see below)

1 hour penalty:

- for not being in possession of a compulsory item in your race bag.(1h by missing object and maximum penalties 3h): see (1) and &22 mandatory equipment.

- not clocking-in at a check point (Trail 56km, Ronde des Douaniers, Nordic Walk)

- running number not visible (any clothing/equipment whatsoever obscuring it is unacceptable)

- flying Assistance (Any competitor receiving outside assistance: personal supplies or equipment of any sort; changes of clothing etc...) outside any authorised supply stations. See &21 Personal Assistance)

- accompaniment on the route (except for the last 3 km of the race: see 21 & Personal Assistance)

- Non compliance with the route (1 Hour penalty + Time race not performed)

3 hour penalty:

– not clocking-in at a check point ( Grand Raid 177 km and Raid 87 km).

Disqualification : -completely removing (theft) or moving any marker posts during the race – refusing to have race bag checked (1) – not having a race bag (1) – not having a running number – clocking-in after a check point has closed – using any means of transport during the race – not helping a competitor in an emergency - littering or damaging any part of the course – insulting members of the organisation or making threats to them – refusing to be examined by a doctor at any moment during the race – not being mentally or physically fit for the race – any use of drugs/refusing to be drug tested

Maximum authorised time

 (see § 21 – Personal assistance and supply bags) will be deemed as having exceeded maximum authorised race time. He/she will subsequently be a non Finisher and unranked. Also no race points will allocated.

15– Dropping out:

It is compulsory for any competitor withdrawing from their event to contact the organisation by telephone (number specified in Road book and on running number) to confirm they are doing so. Anyone dropping out must surrender his/her identifying marks (running number and race chip) to a race official.

15.1 Repatriation:

Shuttle buses will be available along roads accessible to the course to pick up any competitors dropping out of the race and to take them to the start point. Shuttle buses are organised by officials at 10 clocking-in stations. As there may be some distance between these stations it may take up to two hours for a competitor withdrawing from the race to be collected.

15.2 Withdrawal due to injury.

If a competitor has to withdraw due to injury and cannot physically be moved: our Medical team will provide medical assistance and solutions as appropriate.

15.3 Safety:

Any competitor who uses any other means of transport to leave the course other than that provided by the organisers or who breaches the Highway Code acts on his/her own. The organisation is not responsible for any such actions whatsoever.

16 – Medical Assistance:

A medical team will be on standby throughout the duration of all races. Any competitor deemed to be incapable of continuing in race, either endangering their own safety or the safety of others, can be withdrawn from the race by the team.

17 – Insurance:

Licence holders are covered by insurance linked to their licence. Anyone without insurance is personally responsible for making sure they are covered for all risks and damages resulting from an accident leading to an inability to work (temporarily or permanently, partial or total). The Association accepts no responsibility for competitors having withdrawn or been disqualified from races.

18 – Bag checks (1):

Bag checks when handing out running numbers and spot checks throughout the race (especially after replenishments) will be carried out by event organisers. Any missing items will incur a penalty (see § 14 Penalties).

19 – Rest points during races:

Competitors can use rest points provided by the organisers (see Ultra Marin website and road books for details). The rest points for competitors are not to be used for sleeping purposes. Runners who have dropped out or completed their race must organise their own accommodation if they want to sleep.

20 – Food & Drink:

One of the principles behind these races is semi food self-sufficiency. However, rest points will provide competitors with drinks and appropriate food. Between these rest points (see Ultra Marin website and road books) competitors are completely self sufficient and must drink their own drinks and eat their own food.

21 – Personal assistance and supply bag:

Competitors can only avail themselves of personal assistance at Larmor-Baden, Port-Navalo, Sarzeau and before boarding the boat to Locmariaquer. An area will be made available for support crews wanting to assist runners at the 3 sites (Sarzeau Larmor-Baden, Port-Navalo, Sarzeau).

In the interests of equality we shall be paying very close attention to proceedings to ensure that race conditions are the same for all participants so: any «mobile» assistance,  pacers, «water carriers» or bicycles are strictly forbidden and any breaches will incur a penalty (see § 14 – Penalties). Official stewards in attendance at these sites will make absolutely sure that rules are adhered to.

Accompanying runners will however be allowed only on the last 3 km from Kerino bridge in Vannes..

Supply bags: Grand Raid (177 km)

Competitors can deposit two supply bags (20-30 litres) marked with a running number and destination:

- one will be transported by the organisers to Arzon Port-Navalo

- the other one will be at the finish line.

Supply bags: Raid 87 km, Trail 56km, Ronde des Douaniers and Nordic Walk:

Competitors are to leave a supply bag in Vannes for them to access at the finish line at the end of their race.

22 – Compulsory equipment for participants:

Compulsory Equipment

Grand Raid 177 KM

Raid  87KM

Trail 56 KM

Ronde des Douaniers 36KM

Nordic Walk


Race Bag*


















Survival Sheet






Plaster  6/8 cm












Personal Cup 15 cl






Water 1,5 l






Food supplies






head Torch





Spare Batteries





reflective arm Band








Nordic Walking sticks



*Race bag: any bag that can hold all compulsory equipment listed under §22: back packs, bum bags, camel packs...

            *Please note that your mobile phone must be adapted to the French network

This equipment is compulsory in view of potential risks identified by organisers at the time of publishing these current rules/regulations. Runners must also make sure that they check the weather conditions and equip themselves appropriately (clothing, sun protection etc) in the light of their own needs and the difficulties presented to them by the race.

The organisers reserve the right to contact a runner at any time by phone or to text all competitors with important information to ensure the smooth running of the event (adverse weather conditions; problems etc…) RUNNERS AGREE therefore to be contactable by phone AT ALL TIMES during their race and must ensure that this is the case.

23 – Green issues:

The whole of the course is located in a NATURA 2000 area and some trails are protected by the Coastal Protection Agency. Certain conditions apply to their use.

The organisers are committed to respecting said conditions by using authorised paths, providing marking posts that don’t damage the environment and using appropriate signage. In this way we respect green issues and protect both the environment and the creatures that live here.

Runners agree to respect instructions given by race stewards especially regarding littering and green issues in humid zones.

It is the responsibility of each competitor to keep any rubbish (packaging etc) on their person until they reach the next rest stop where it can be disposed of appropriately in bins.

Nature is beautiful so let’s treat it with respect.

(See § 14 Penalties) Disqualification: littering or damage to sites by competitors or support crews

24 – Race courses:

The five challenges use trails marked out mainly by Morbihan General Council. These trails cross 17 municipalities.

As the start location and finish line for the Grand Raid is in Vannes, a 10 minute boat crossing from Locmariaquer to Port Navalo is a requirement of the race.

The time taken waiting to board the boat and the time taken for the crossing will be deducted from competitors’ timings.

In the case of force majeure and/or for safety reasons the organisers reserve the right to make changes to the race, time limits and positioning of check points and refreshment stops without prior notice.

25 – Race neutralisation:

Should the race be stopped, runners will be directed either to withdrawal points made available by town halls, or to the nearest available accommodation or shelters. They will need to wait in their shelters until repatriation arrives. This may be quick or it may take time depending on the number of runners to be repatriated. Runners waiting in retreat points will need to use their own food reserves (no refreshments available).

A manual clocking-in system will be set up at retreat points.

Runners wanting to go home using their own transport must inform officials of this and return their race chip and running number.

If competitors leaves the site by their own means without informing officials of his/her departure then any ensuing search costs must be borne by said competitor.

The number of points acquired will be recalculated to reflect the distance completed within the appropriate time limits.

The organisers will not refund any entry fees but will facilitate the registration process in the following event for runners concerned.

26– Photo coverage:

The organisers reserve all rights for photo coverage of events. All participants and their supporters agree to this. Any individual or collective images taken may be used by the organisation to advertise their events.

27 – Excluded participants:

The organisers reserve the right to exclude any competitor who refuses to adhere to our rules/regulations or who is at risk of endangering themselves or other competitors. A participant who has been excluded will not be permitted to register for any future events.

(1)   Race bag: any bag that can hold all compulsory equipment listed under §22: back packs, bum bags, camel packs...